If you keep up with the latest beauty trends, you must have heard of hair and eyelash extensions. But, there is another form of extension that is changing the world of beauty- eyebrow extensions. The problem is that one cannot become a technician in eyelash extensions overnight. You will need to undergo eyelash extension training and practice a lot before you can be eligible to work in this field. Listed below are some things eyebrow extension technicians learn before going to work.

1. Cleaning up eyelashes

A trained eyelash professional will not add on extensions. The first thing they learn in their training is how eyelash cleanup is done and why it’s important. Before putting in the extensions, the eyelashes are threaded so that the area can be cleaned up.

Although it is important to clean them up, a technician must make sure that the area is bacteria free. Alcohol pads have to be used to get rid of bacteria and excess oil. If this isn’t done, the adhesive may not stick correctly, or one could get an infection.

2. Attaching the extensions

The real challenge comes once the area is cleaned. A technician has to attach the synthetic hairs to a client’s eyelashes using an adhesive. The customer has to select the color and the length of the extension. The length varies between 5-8 millimeters while the common colors are brown and black.

This process takes time, although it depends on the scope of work. With a suitable and experienced technician, the process will be pretty painless.

3. Knowing the best Eyelash Extension Supplies for Each Client

An eyelash extension expert knows what the extensions can or cannot do. This means they know the exact extension that will offer a natural look and the one that will not. For instance, people with fully grown eyelashes will look good when they have the extensions. But if the individual getting the extensions doesn’t have fully grown hair, the extensions can make the eyelashes look peculiar.

It’s important to take an eyelash extension training course if you want to be an expert with eyelashes. You will get to learn:

• Everything about eyelash extensions
• How to handle different jobs while at work
• How to treat clients
• The tips you can offer customers who just got the extensions put in.

Usually, the extension can last for 14 days, but this depends on the upkeep they get. You will only accomplish this once you take the training course.