Eyelash Extension Training Program

The long lush lashes you see every day on models, movie stars, and media mavens are not, in most cases, a gift from nature. Those luxurious looks are the work of an artist that learned the necessary techniques from an eyelash extension training program.

More Than Meets the Eyelash

If you think it’s as simple as buying some artificial eyelashes and non-toxic glue and putting them on like fake fingernails, you will be surprised. You cannot even think of doing eyelash extensions on others until you have taken a course and become certified. It is a delicate procedure, definitely not for the “do-it-yourselfer.”

Judging from the number and kinds of programs advertised, the prospective student will have no trouble finding training of every description. Courses are everywhere: online or on site, in groups or in one-on-one training. They are long and short, inexpensive and very costly. Students can practice on mannequins or people, with instructions on a DVD or a YouTube video or from a mentor.

Eyelash extension training programs generally accept only prospective students licensed either in the medical field or as a cosmetologist or beautician. Depending on local laws, some will admit students awaiting their state certification.

I’ve Got My Eyelash on You

The eyelash extension training program teaches best practices for hygienic and safe application of lashes. Stylists learn new designs to transform the length or volume of lashes to enhance and add drama to the eye. They are shown tinting and curling methods to keep up with the latest fashions. A very important part of the course is devoted to aftercare and maintenance of attached lashes.

Eyelash extension consists of gluing single fibers of synthetic materials to natural eyelashes. It must be done with proper tools, adhesives, gels, lotions, and patches. Once attached, the lashes should not be detectable even though there may be as many as 60 per lid. It may become necessary to reattach loosened lashes or to remove some if the natural lashes grow too long

Beauty is in the Eyelash of the Beholder

Eyelash bling or placing jewelry into extended lashes has become quite trendy. This consists of stringing small beads onto very thin wire or gluing them onto extensions. Having these foreign particles so close to the eye can cause damage. There are other potential dangers from extensions such as infections from dust, bacteria, fungi, and allergies. Eyelash extension treatment by a professional can minimize these problems and provide the quality look and feel that is so popular today.