Life sciences consulting firms provide wide-range services in biotechnology, medical technology, distribution, and consumer healthcare sectors to help companies innovate, develop and deliver superior products while mitigating risks to both the company and its clients. In an increasingly regulated global healthcare market, third-party consultant review is a critical part of any product’s success.

If you are a new business seeking to launch a cosmetics or personal care line, it is important to understand the fundamental role of consulting firms for the health sciences. By working with a life sciences consultant who is knowledgeable in cosmetic and personal care products, you can ensure your company’s protection and success.

Regulatory Compliance Standards

Various regulatory bodies, laws, and industry-specific standards guide cosmetic regulatory compliance. FDA, for instance, may have regulatory jurisdiction over cosmetics if the packaging is inaccurate or misleading. A consultant can assist your company by performing detailed, scientific ingredient reviews to ensure that the product is compliant, safe, and properly labeled according to all the applicable governing bodies. Complete adherence to the law protects your company from future litigation, fines, and penalties.

Clinical Trials

Your health sciences consultant will be able to structure, perform, analyze, and publish all of the clinical trials necessary to prove both your product’s efficacy and safety. Such third-party trials may not be necessary for all classes of cosmetics, but they always go along way to bolster the claims of any product.

These well-structured and documented clinical trials can be easily rolled into powerful, fact-based advertising campaigns to promote your product launch. Evidence shows that consumers place more confidence in third-party trials than in all other testimonial forms combined.

Quality Assurance

Through consistent, ongoing, and documented scientific measurement of predetermined quality criteria, a life sciences consulting firm not only provides a safety net for your company and its clients, but also provides a framework for customer satisfaction. Your clients will be guaranteed tested, consistent, high-quality products. This promise of constant auditing is a necessity for new product launches where a strong loyalty base is not yet established.

Marketing Development

Finally, a well-rounded consultant will be able to easily integrate market assets into your company’s commercial decision making and marketing campaigns. By knowing how to highlight the best scientific and safety qualities of your product, meet social expectations about testing, and know what must (and what should not) appear on product labels, your consultant can help you achieve exceptional growth.