Are you a cyclist? If so, I’m sure you love the great outdoors. The open spaces, the rugged terrain, the greenery and breathtaking landscapes are just too tempting to miss. However, the weather can be a hinderance to any outdoor cycling plans, unless you’re wearing the right fashion for cycling.

Your fashion choices for cycling should be considered thoughtfully. The clothing should be both waterproof and breathable. The key is to balance between stylish and sporty-functional fabrics. Going forward, clothing technology and cycling will also evolve side by side, making it possible to look great without compromising comfort and safety while cycling.

Below are eight current trends in fashion for cycling clothes:

1. High tech fabrics are on the rise

The fashion for cycling is becoming lighter, better fitting, thinner, and more protective. Although they will continue to offer the same weather protection, cycling fabrics will be lighter and thinner in the coming years.

For instance, jackets and gloves featuring fewer seams and panels can still provide better wind-proofing and waterproofing. This means they’ll be less bulky besides the fact that they will fit much better. Some cycling clothing companies are starting to use Primaloft, an extremely lightweight insulating material.

2. Thinner and lighter cycling clothes

The current trends in fashion for cycling is to design warm clothing without using bulk and thick fabrics. The garment provides weatherproof insulation to keep a rider warm. This type of material can be placed in targeted areas to provide warmth and to make clothes lighter.

This type of clothing is, therefore, ideal for off-road cycling and bike packing. This fashion is perfect for various weather conditions that demand versatile clothing. In these cycling clothes, you can ride your bike comfortably anywhere regardless of the climate.

3. Bolder prints

Bolder prints are popular in the fashion for cycling clothes. New, distinctive, over-the-top fashion prints have become mainstream in cycling. Spring/summer catalogues now feature bold prints across several ranges of cycling styles.

As manufacturers churn out more boldly printed materials, cycling fashion brands are dropping the usual dull, old, solid colour options to adopt bolder prints.

4. Size-specific clothing

Until recently, most brands have been offering female or male-specific pads for cycling shorts. Today, a rider has three width options to choose from. These are based on saddle choice and one’s body shape. This fashion trend in cycling became popular because different riders have different body shapes. You don’t have to pick the thickest pad for comfort since this could curtail your freedom of movement.

New brands are featuring chamois pads and shorts that have been engineered to provide one with the best cycling experiences based on individual preferences. Pads are being designed around weather conditions and ride distance too.

5. Advanced cycling helmets

Helmet safety is a critical aspect of cycling fashion. It will continue to be so in the years to come. Brands are embracing the use of sophisticated technology to improve the safety of the cycling helmet.

The brand Specialized, for example, started to use the MIPS brain protection system in 2019. This helmet is engineered to minimize rotational force, which often causes severe injuries in the case of an accident. Specialized incorporates wearable technology, known as ANGi, as well, which can detect a crash situation and inform your emergency contacts where you are so they can expedite assistance.

Other brands that are adopting the MIPS technology include POC and Fox. These include Fox’s MIPS versions that are smaller and lighter and are designed with discrete gel pads.

6. Riding trouser resurgence

The riding trouser is back in fashion for cycling! For years mountain biking trousers were associated with bulky waterproof offerings. However, modern brands such as Fox and Endura are resurrecting the trend with a few tweaks to improve its appeal.

The new designs, while not spectacularly comfortable, are gaining traction as riders realize that a long-legged garment provides adequate protection without being uncomfortably hot.

7. Lighter racing body gear

This is huge news in fashion for cycling. As racing body armour gets lighter and more comfortable to wear, riders no longer have an excuse for not wearing protective gear. Body armour includes super thin pads that you can easily slip underneath clothing.

8. Sustainable wear

More riders are adopting an environmentally conscious lifestyle when it comes to fashion for cycling. Sustainable fashion has become a buzzword for a majority of cycling fashion companies. Textiles that have been ecologically produced are becoming more popular among environmentally conscious riders. However, the uptake of sustainable clothing is hampered by their high cost.

Trends in cycling fashion will mainly have to do with comfortable, breathable fabrics for various weather situations. Technology, especially wearable gadgets, will redefine the function and look of helmets as security and safety considerations take centre stage.

Body armour for riders will also feature bold prints and materials that are lighter yet warm enough for cold weather wear. Besides, the range of cycling clothing and gear now available means everyone, irrespective of their body shape, is taken care of.