You will always hear people ranting about how age can be a disqualifying factor when it comes to having a successful dental implants Toronto. But the truth of the matter is that it isn’t. In fact, dental implants are created for all ages and as long as your health qualifies you to have a dental implant and you feel that you need to have one, then you can go for it irrespective of your age, hence plenty of senior dental care tips. Let the dental surgeon be the one to tell you whether or not you qualify to have a dental implant, and also explain to you why you don’t qualify for one if the answer is no. Even so, this article will discuss with you eight important tips that you need to note and know when going for a dental implant.

1. Dental implants also work for the elderly

As mentioned earlier, there is no specified maximum age that can disqualify a person from having a successful dental implant surgery done. Vita dental implants strongly support dental implants for the elderly too. And the fact that the success rates of these surgeries are very high, about 98%, gives room for more reason why even the elderly can enjoy the benefits of dental implants as the young do.

2. Permanent solutions

Dental implants are permanent fixtures as they are implanted and integrated with the jawbone. This means that they will basically be a part of your life forever unless there is some complication which will prompt their removal. But otherwise, dental implants will act similar to your natural teeth, perhaps even better so long as you properly maintain and take care of them.

3. Natural look

The final look of dental implants after having a surgery is amazing. Aside from the fact that you no longer have a huge gap in between your teeth, the dental implants are also designed to look just as natural as your normal natural teeth. You will basically maintain your normal, natural appearance after this surgery.

4. Stimulate bone growth

Most dental implants are made from titanium which is inserted and fused with the jawbone. Meaning that the implants get surrounded by bone and tissue and this procedure helps to prevent bone loss and also ensures that the shape of the jaw is also maintained.

5. Durability

The fact that dental implants are made of titanium makes them more durable than any of the other dental solutions for lost or damaged teeth. Titanium is a significantly strong metal which is also decay-resistant and will serve you throughout your life unless otherwise.

6. Long Term Resolution

Removable dentures are known for their uncomfortable feeling in the mouth and the fact that they can sometimes even move in the mouth or fall off can be really embarrassing. But dental implants are permanent solutions to your dental problems. You won’t have to worry about them falling off or stop you from smiling or any other normal things you used to do.

7. Stimulate tissue growth on the jawbone

Dental implants help to hold the jawbone tissues and bones together, plus also stimulate the growth of tissue and bone around the implants. Thus, the stimulation of bone growth in the jawbone. This is one of the reasons why many surgeons recommend getting dental implants as opposed to the other dental solutions.