Hollywood has obsessed so much with celebrity image that cosmetic corrections now seem like the must-go-to procedures to correct any imperfections. And sometimes you will see and realize that the work is good, and you can even pass by without anyone noticing. There are many famous folks who have been dramatically transformed by the miracle of modern dentistry that if you learn about may shock you. Right from cult favorites to household names, up and comers to megastars. This article has listed down some of the most famous faces you can’t fail to realize who have had dental implants Toronto done so perfectly you may think they were born that way.

1. Morgan Freeman

Morgan is, perhaps, one of the best known and respected voices in Hollywood. But there was a time when this renowned actor may have been hindered in his performances by his crooked teeth. Even so, Morgan Freeman went into surgery and had extensive work done a lot earlier in his career and all of the issues were fixed. This is one reason why Mr. Freeman can put on the smile he has today.

2. Gary Buesy

Most people consider Gary to be one of the strangest guys in Hollywood. Gary had a motorcycle accident in 1988 and the crash left his teeth in a wreck. Gary was, however, able to retain his looks even after the accident. Thanks to the hard work and dedication his talented cosmetic surgeon put into his teeth.

3. Miley Cyrus

Miley is a popular singer plus a former actress didn’t exactly get work done on her teeth, but the kind of work she had done on her had such a dramatic effect on her overall appearance that you could be astounding. She simply had her teeth straightened and whitened. This procedure alone transformed the singer’s appearance from an awkward teenager to the provocative pop star she is today.

4. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise easily ranks as one of Hollywood’s most famous and renowned movie actors in the history of this entertainment industry. He has become an entertainment icon in part thanks to the extensive dental work he underwent. During the early period of his career, Cruise’s teeth were not in good shape, you can take a look at “The Outsiders” and see for yourself. Since then, Cruise has undergone several operations, including teeth whitening, re-alignment, and maybe even had a couple of dental implants. And all these operations and extensive procedures are what has made Tom have the killer smile you see him rocking today.

5. James Cosmo

You may have seen James in blockbuster movies like “The Chronicles of Narnia” and “Braveheart”. These days, he is most commonly known as Jeor Mormont of “The Game of Thrones”. There was a time when James wore dentures after an auto accident. But later on, he decided to switch to dental implants and they made a world of difference in his overall facial appearance.

6. Ed Helms

Most of you may know Ed from the popular movie “The Hangover”. If you looked close enough and notice Helms’ missing teeth, the shocker is that none of that was makeup or any special effects. Ed has had his dental implants for over two decades. And for this specific film, Helms had the implants removed, which made him appear toothless.