Summertime is here once again and now is the best time to start rocking some new hairstyles. These hairstyles for women will inevitably turn a lot of heads and get many people attention. If you are a bit unsure about the hairstyle that you want when you visit your local hair salon then on this list we have taken the liberty to compile a list of ten of the most popular hairstyles you can start rocking this summer.

Make sure that when you visit your hair salon in Toronto that you tell them you got your hairstyle from this list.

10 Fun Hair Styles To Try Out In 2018

# 1 – Hair Bleach

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The hair bleach style is becoming quite popular. The dark roots that fade into a lighter shade can symbolize the transformation from a dark place into a brighter and lighter future.

# 2 – Red To Soft Blonde

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Another hairstyle that delves with the transitioning of hair colors. The summerset auburn hairstyle transitioning to a blonde is a great hairstyle to enter into autumn or to get ready for autumn.

# 3 – Blonde Dreds

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Blonde is becoming a trendy hair color this summer, and it seems that even for the dreds style that blonde is a great color to use.

# 4 – Short Hair

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Most women have an aversion towards cutting their hair short but for those women who can pull it off – short hair is a look that can captivate people.

# 5 – Curls

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Fun. Lovely and all so exciting. Curls may take a long time to prepare, and there is a lot of work that must be put into it, but curls are a great hairstyle for almost any time o the year.

# 6 – Afro

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Afros are genuinely a fantastic hairstyle. The fluffy hairstyle is extremely fun, exciting and exotic.

# 7 – Ponytails

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The ponytail hairstyle never gets old, and with so many colored theme hairstyles this may very well be the quintessential hairstyle for all women.

# 8 – Bob

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The bob, much like the short hairstyle, is a style that can accentuate one’s features.

# 9 – Ultra-long Hair

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Long, flowing hair never gets old. It may take a bit longer to wash and dry but at the end of the day having long hair that flows down to your back can make you feel like a Disney princess.

# 10 – Dye

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As many of the hairstyles on this list – dying one’s hair (any color) can make you stand out.